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6 Cheap Protein-Related Groceries

Protein related groceries should be a part of your everyday diet. When you have to improve your metabolism, build muscle, and burn fat, the best solution is to add more protein to your diet. However, the problem is, many people find a good source of protein to be too pricey. Even though a few sources of protein are expensive, there are numerous affordable protein-related grocers. Here are some of these protein-related groceries that will not break your bank.

Tempeh – The Dose Of Protein – Related Grocery           

It is made from fermented soybeans. Since it is made from the whole bean, it has a rich protein content. Apart from being rich in protein, it is also rich in fiber. It can be digested easily as it is fermented. Albeit it is not as popular as the other soy products, it a decent protein source for vegetarians. 

6 Cheap Protein-Related Groceries
6 Cheap Protein-Related Groceries

Black Beans – Best Related Item In Your Grocery Cart

This is one of the affordable and convenient forms of protein-related groceries that you can purchase. About 15 ounces of black beans will cost you $1, and 172gms of black beans have 15gms of protein. This, too, is rich in fiber. It is because of its high amount of protein and fiber; it makes you feel full for a longer time and will help in losing weight. Also, black beans are known to make you feel satiated. This, in turn, reduces hunger. You can add it to dishes such as soups, salads, and chili.

Milk – Protein Related Item

Many people find it difficult to digest dairy products like milk. This protein is super easy to find and is affordable. If you are able to digest it, you should surely include this in your diet. Milk comes with a high and low percentage of fat. Choose the low-fat option to get the required amount of protein. Half a gallon of organic milk costs $4, while conventional ones cost about $2.50. This is high in minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, which keeps you healthy and strong.

Greek Yogurt

This is a low-cost but delicious protein-related grocery that you can acquire from the store. You can have it directly or add it to your smoothie. About 224gms of it provide you with 17gms of protein. When you buy probiotics, you have to make sure that you are getting a brand that comes with live and active cultures. This means it contains good probiotics which will help in improving your gut health while reducing your weight. Choosing Greek yogurt will help in maintaining your sugar intake level.


Even though sardines aren’t that popular, it is filled with nutrients and protein. A can of sardines contains 23gms of absorbable protein along with other nutrients such as VitaminB12 and D. It can be a great source of calcium as you have to consume them as a whole.

6 Cheap Protein-Related Groceries
6 Cheap Protein-Related Groceries


Eggs are the most affordable source of protein that is available. A dozen eggs come at $2-$4. It contains and minerals. When you add it to your diet, it can help in losing weight by truncating calorie intake. You can make an omelet, scrambled eggs, or boiled eggs to have for breakfast. 

Including protein in your diet doesn’t have to make a hole in your pocket. The above-mentioned come at low prices and offer you the amount of protein required.                  

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