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A Look At The Popularity Of Kwashiorkor Protein Deficiency

kwashiorkor protein deficiency

Kwashiorkor is a prescription strength and nutrition supplement developed by Jim Matheron. He has been practicing Exercise Physiology since having his initial training in Thailand in the early 1970’s. He was a runner and track star at the University of Colorado but was interested in nutrition and weight loss for many years prior to turning to the nutrition supplement industry. It was at this time that he began studying the biochemistry and physiology of living tissue and how it relates to exercise and athletic performance. Jim Matheron’s studies led him to believe that a nutritional approach to weight loss was essential to peak physical performance.

An Overview

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As a result, he developed a diet supplement that uses natural proteins like keratin and also provides the building blocks of muscle tissue. This diet supplement is designed for people who do not have enough sources of protein in their body, or if they are unable to find a supplement that contains all of the essential amino acids (proteins that include cysteine and glutamine). This is necessary for the repair of muscles and the maintenance of muscle mass. It is believed that supplementation using these building blocks will allow an athlete to maximize his or her performance.

Many athletes have had some type of a protein deficiency during their athletic career. Whether it was from a diet or from a coach telling them not to take supplements because you can gain muscle without it, some athletes were less successful at building muscle mass than others. The common belief is that it is simply genetics or that you just cannot gain enough muscle mass to support your body weight. But as Jim Matheron states “No one can gain muscle without supplementation.”

Prevent Injuries

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Many athletes use the supplement to recover from injuries that prevent them from being able to fully develop their muscles. If you were an active college football player and injured your foot, most likely your coaches would not encourage you to take any type of supplement. But if you are an active adult now, would you put this supplement into use to help recover from an injury? I think most adults would not because they may believe that it will slow down their recovery and increase the time before they are healed. Even with the added cost to buy the supplement, most people would rather recover properly now and not have to worry about the financial cost for treating an injury later.

Another group that frequently uses the supplement is professional athletes. Especially the ones that compete in the Olympics or other major sports leagues. There are many professional athletes that taking supplements to ensure that their body has an adequate supply of protein. These are usually taken once per day to cover all of the daily requirements of protein for their exercise routine.

Know The Facts

Unfortunately, many supplement companies sell products that actually do more harm than good. The Kwashiorkor Pro supplement company for example is notorious for selling low-grade protein products that are filled with fillers like soy and other junk ingredients. This means that you could suffer from serious health problems as a result of using these products. Most protein supplements are made to be balanced and most often, the cheap protein supplements will not be.

Not only do you need to be careful about the companies that sell supplements, but you need to watch out for the types of protein products that are sold. Certain types of protein supplementation use high levels of fat and other unhealthy fats in their products to disguise the fact that they are actually selling something that is of poor quality. It is important to read the label on the protein supplement to make sure that the company selling the product is telling the truth about the amount of protein in the products.


In conclusion, Kwashiorkor protein supplements are widely available and can help treat some forms of protein deficiency. However, this does not mean that you should jump on the first supplement package that you find. If you research the protein supplement companies, you will be able to find one that sells a protein supplement that has a high quality protein with minimal amounts of fat and carbohydrates. In addition, you should avoid some of the cheap protein supplements that are made to be balanced and may not be worth the price.

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