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There are several high quality and excellent high protein food sources like red meat, chicken, fish, soy, and eggs which are rich in protein. Besides their protein content, these kinds of foods are also low in fat. However, one should be careful about the source of the proteins that they eat because there are some sources that may cause health issues. For instance, some animal proteins like meat or fish may have high levels of saturated fats. Other sources of protein are legumes and vegetables. The kind of protein source that you should consume depends on your personal preference and requirement.

An Overview

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In addition to being low in fat and protein, some types of high protein food sources may lack on essential amino acids. These include milk products and cheese because their protein content is less than that of whole milk. Protein is essential for the building of muscle tissues. Similarly, a lack of essential amino acids may impair the function of the immune system. Therefore, it is essential to check the sources of protein and essential amino acids so that you get enough of them.

One of the most popular sources of high quality protein food source is meat. It contains essential amino acids and can therefore help to build stronger bones. However, many people believe that consuming too much protein from meats can cause various kinds of health problems including cancer. To avoid such health complications, choose leaner cuts of meat. Moreover, to improve its palatability, you can add some salad and fresh fruit slices on it.

Food Sources Of Protein

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Fish is another popular source of high quality protein. However, its calorie level is considerably lower than that of meat thus may not be suitable for people watching their weight. Its sources of protein are also many but they include sole, fish, haddock, salmon, tuna and wahoo. You can balance the flavor of fish by adding a different kind of natural and artificial seasonings. Tuna may be added once a week to your meals while serving size of salmon may depend upon your serving size.

Beans contain essential amino acids. The best sources of protein foods are black beans and kidney beans. They should be eaten in limited quantities, since they have a low-calorie value. You should consume them in three to five cups or one to two tablespoons in your soup or salad. Other legumes include Lima, fava and garbanzo beans. They can be consumed in three to four cups in your soup or as snacks in between meals.

Other great sources of protein food sources are nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews and walnuts. They are rich in protein and low in calories. Nuts are rich in protein and essential amino acids and other minerals such as zinc and magnesium. They are also low in calories. However, one of their biggest limitations is that they need to be freshly roasted if they have a low bioavailability rate.

Salmon has become a popular food source for athletes and bodybuilders because of its high protein content. Its rich nutrient content in omega – 3 fatty acids, protein, iodine and calcium makes it a very good food to support muscle growth and stamina. The best sources of white meat fish include trout, salmon and red tuna. It is advised to have salmon baked or grilled rather than frying. Its high protein value helps build strong bones and muscles.

Last But Not Least

Cheese is another nutrient-rich food. Cheese contains lactose and casein, which are important sources of proteins. Cheese is naturally low in fat and calories. However, some studies suggest that people with lactose intolerance may have a problem digesting cheese. So check with your dietitian before including cheese in your diet as a complete protein source because the acidity level of milk can be too high for digesting the casein and lactose in cheese.

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