Dangers Of Over-Consumption Of Protein

Protein: Dangers of Over-Consumption

We have all heard about high-protein diets and the dangers of overconsumption. Not only does protein build muscles, but it also helps in repairing them along with the bones and organs. A high protein diet can also help in losing weight by increasing satiety and reducing fat and retraining the muscles. Nevertheless, the dangers of over-consumption of protein cannot be underestimated. When you are following a protein-rich diet, you need to be aware of the dangers of over-consumption. 

Given below are the details about the risks of having a high-protein diet. 

Weight Gain – Dangers Of Over-Consumption

A diet rich in protein will help in losing weight. However, it only leads to short-term weight loss. If you have excess protein, it will be stored as fat while excreting the surplus amino acids. Eventually, this is going to lead to weight gain, particularly when you have excessive calories by trying to augment protein consumption. 

Dangers of Over-Consumption With Protein
Dangers Of Over-Consumption Of Protein

A study has shown that weight gain problem is related to diets that are substituted with carbs but not when protein replaced fat. 

Bad Breath – Dangers Of Over-Consumption

This is one of the unknown dangers of over-consumption of protein. If you are limiting carbohydrates consumption and having excessive protein, it might lead to bad breath. A study conducted on older adults showed that 40% of them had terrible inspirations. This might be because the body takes on a metabolic state known as ketosis. Thus, it produces chemicals that have a foul smell. What’s worse is, you cannot get rid of the scent by flossing or brushing. To counter this effect, all you can do is have more water, clean often, and have a gum. 

Diarrhea – Dangers Of Over-Consumption

When you have too much of dairy protein or processed food that doesn’t contain fiber, you might develop diarrhea. It is much more of a problem if you are lactose-intolerant and have protein sources like fish, fried meat, or poultry. You should have a heart-healthy protein. If you have to avoid the dangers of over-consumption, avoid caffeinated beverages or plenty of water. Also, it is better to avoid having excessive fat and fried food. 

Constipation- Dangers Of Over-Constipation

A study involving individuals who consumed a large amount of protein showed that 44% of them had an illness. A high-protein diet is usually low in fiber. If you augment your fiber and water intake, it will prevent constipation. While maintaining a protein-rich diet, you should control your fiber intake. Tracking your bowel movement can prove to be of great help. 

Kidney Damage

Even though no significant studies have linked the intake of protein to kidney damage, but it might lead to some damaged in people who are already suffering from kidney disease. This is primarily because the surplus nitrogen present in amino acid making protein can damage the kidneys. When damaged, the organs will have to work much harder to get rid of the waste created by protein metabolism. 

Dangers of Over-Consumption With Protein
Dangers Of Over-Consumption Of Protein


The body gets rid of nitrogen with water and other fluid. Thus, it might leave the body dehydrated. However, you might not feel thirstier. A small study on athletes showed that with an increase in the protein levels, the hydration level decreased. You can avoid this problem by increasing your intake of water, particularly when you have an active life. 

The ideal amount of protein you should consume daily depends on the various factors such as gender, age, total diet, activity, and body weight. So, you should get in touch with a health specialist to determine this.

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