Foods With Highest Protein And Estimated Protein Per Cup

foods with highest protein

Meats are probably the first food groups to come to mind. The next item on the list of foods with high protein in vegetables. Vegetables, though, have even higher amounts of protein per serving.

Raw vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are excellent sources of protein. Both are much lower in calories than beef, chicken or pork. A head of spinach has less calories than a pound of beef, while a serving of broccoli has less than half of the calories of a beef burger. This makes both very good choices for vegetarians and other individuals trying to reduce their overall daily protein intake.


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Meats come in many forms. Lean beef, chicken and pork are common options. These choices typically have about twenty grams of protein per serving. In contrast, cheeses such as low-fat or fat-free cheeses, feta or goat cheese, cottage cheese, and blue cheese have about fifteen grams of protein per serving. Total meat intake amounts vary greatly depending on how many servings of meat you cook and eat.

Steak is another important part of a healthy diet, but many people do not realize the number of calories in steaks. Although steak has protein and good fats, it still has nearly twenty-five grams of protein per serving. The top meats include beef, pork, chicken, fish, cheese and turkey. Total protein amounts for these different parts of the diet usually vary, but they are all considered to be fine foods.


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Nuts are another great source of protein. Many nuts are also high in calories. However, peanuts have about one gram of protein per cup, and almonds have about ten. Other nuts that are high in protein include cashews and walnuts.

Cheese, like milk, is an excellent source of both calcium and protein. High-quality cheeses such as milk, yoghurt and cream cheese have about twenty-two grams of protein per gram. Low-fat or fat-free cheese may be lower, but they too provide several other beneficial nutrients. Cheese is used in recipes for dips, spreads, puddings and ice cream mixes, just to name a few.


Eggs are another excellent choice for protein, especially if you don’t like cholesterol or fat. They have about twenty-one grams of protein per egg, and they are available at many different brands, including cholesterol-lowering and non-cholesterol eggs. Egg whites are slightly higher in fat than the yolk, but the egg white contains the least amount of cholesterol. In addition, there is less total fat in egg whites than in whole eggs.

Meat is also an excellent choice, with lean meats such as skinless chicken breast and lean beef available at many health food stores. There are many delicious recipes for meatloaf and other dishes using ground beef or ground pork. Pork is high in protein, which makes it an excellent alternative to beef. Meats can be cooked with vegetables to make delicious meals, or they can be barbecued, stewed or grilled.

Lean Cuts Of Pork

Lean cuts of pork are another great option. You can usually find these cuts at the supermarket and they are usually lower in fat than most other meats. Shorter cooking methods will help to reduce the amount of fat contained in any meal. Shorter cooking times also make for a more economical meal. If you want to eat less calories, reduce the amount of red meats and instead choose chicken or fish.

Cheese is another good source of protein, and low-fat or fat-free versions of cheeses provide even lower calories. You can get calcium from low-fat or fat-free cheese, but you can also get vitamin D from supplements of milk or other dairy products. In fact, milk is a good source of vitamin D for most people, especially those who live in areas where the weather is cold and exposed to sunlight very little. Another dairy product that provides a high amount of calcium is parmesan cheese. Although some people avoid parmesan cheese because of its high fat content, it is still a very good cheese to eat.

Good Source Of Protein

Eggs are another good source of protein. The yolk of an egg is the high-quality protein found inside the egg white, and this protein is the one that helps your body build muscle and make you stronger.

If you eat too many eggs, however, you may end up eating more calories than you should, especially if you cook the eggs in butter or oil and eat them raw. In fact, eating just a few raw eggs can provide you with up to five grams of saturated fat, which is about twice the amount of fat contained in one egg.


For carbohydrates, you can choose foods with high carbohydrate content like whole grain breads and cereals, pasta, potatoes and legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you eat a lot of pasta, choose a whole grain version and eat the sauce only on the pasta. Vegetables are another good choice of carbohydrates. You can choose between leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale, yellow and red potatoes, carrots, and corn, or fruits like avocado and apples. As much as possible, don’t eat processed meats and breads, instead eat lean meats and lots of vegetables.

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