Four Best And Most Effective Types of Protein Powder - Four Best And Most Effective Types of Protein Powder -

Four Best And Most Effective Types of Protein Powder

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Protein powders are everything that fitness freaks have. They are a huge fan of protein powders because they help in weight gain as well as in weight loss. They are sources of protein that are in concentrated forms and are from animal/plant foods. There are three forms of protein, protein concentrates, protein isolates, and protein hydrolysis. But these protein powders do not show exclusive results in everyone because some people already take a protein-rich diet. So, they won’t notice much difference in their bodies after having protein powders. However, it is important for athletes or anyone who lifts heavy weight regularly. It helps them in having maximized muscles and less fat. It is a rich source of protein and can be useful for people who cannot take protein from other sources. It helps in fulfilling the body’s need for protein. There are various Types of Protein Powder consumed by people.

Various Types of Protein Powder

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With these Types of Protein Powder, you can achieve all your dreams of having the perfect body.

Whey protein

This protein has milk as its origin. This is the liquid substance that gets separated from the curd during the process of making cheese. It has a huge amount of protein but lactose is also present. Lactose is a milk sugar that is not digested easily by some people. An isolated version of this is also present and it has a very less amount of lactose present. This protein is easy to digest and absorb as well.

Casein Protein

This is one of the Types of Protein Powder whose protein is also coming from milk. However, its digestion takes time. When this protein is met with the stomach enzymes, a gel is formed. That gel slows down the emptying of the stomach and delays the absorption of amino acids in the bloodstream. With this, the exposure of muscles to amino acids is slow and gradual. The rate of breaking down of protein powder of muscles gets slowed down.

Egg Protein

Well, it is very well known that eggs are huge sources of protein. They have the highest protein digestibility-corrected amino acid scores. They also lessen up your appetite by keeping you full for longer periods. This protein is made by using the white portion of eggs and not the whole egg. Even though eggs are rich sources of protein, after having this protein, you might not feel that full because the egg yolks which are a rich source of fat are not used in this. They provide a total of nine amino acids to the body.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is very widely used by vegetarians and vegans. People who have a sensitive appetite for dairy products of eggs also go in for this protein. This protein is made by using the yellow split pea. It is a legume that has a huge amount of fiber in it. They are enriched with BCAAs. There has not been good quality research done on this protein. But, surely, it shows great results when consumed. Pea protein is also rich in amino acids.


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Different Types of Protein Powder have come into the market nowadays. Each one of them is enriched with protein. But you should buy them according to your body type.

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