Good Vegetarian Protein Sources You May Want To Explore

Good Vegetarian Protein Sources

Proteins are really important for a healthy diet. They provide the critical growth factors that help keep your body healthy and function normally in cells and other vital tissues. In India and even in many parts of the world, many of the population prefers to follow a vegetarian diet. Although this is a highly nutritious diet, it can certainly be low in essential vitamins B-12 and proteins. In various studies, it is often seen that people who are pure vegetarians suffer from low vitamin B-12 levels. However, studies also prove that people who follow vegetarian diets have a lower risk of developing chronic disease and related complications. Here are some of the Good Vegetarian Protein Sources.

Good Vegetarian Protein Sources – Oats

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There is no doubt that oats are a super healthy source for your body. They are not just rich in protein, but they are also a powerhouse of explicable fiber. Studies have proven that it reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases and lower the cholesterol present in your body. A small cup of oats can help you gain almost 6 grams of protein, helping you acquire fiber for your body. Try not to choose the one with masala or packed meals as these contain a high amount of salt, which is not the healthy start to the day that you might wonder about getting one from them. Instead, choose simple and regular oats, start consuming them by adding some milk and a spoonful of honey sprinkled with almonds.

Green Peas

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You probably won’t look at it, but green peas are a great source of protein. A cup full of these green beauties can help you gain 9 grams of protein. They are very rich in certain vitamins such as vitamin A, K, and C. It also contains various minerals and plenty of fiber that your body needs. Simply including green peas in various forms in your daily vegetarian diet can help you with a lot of additional protein that your body requires.

Good Vegetarian Protein Sources – High Protein Vegetables

Vegetables are largely seen to contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs with a generous quantity of carbohydrates and proteins. However, some vegetables offer a great quantity of protein. Some of them are spinach, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and even sweet potatoes do provide you with enough proteins. However, the quantity of protein gained from these vegetables is not comparable to non-vegetarian sources. However, it is still a decent value of protein that you can gain.


These were some of the Good Vegetarian Protein Sources that you must give a try on. If you would like to improve your health condition, you should be checking out the items that can help you get the protein sources you deserve. Your body requires a sufficient amount of nutrients in order to function in a healthy manner and this will also help your body become healthier over time and clearly is it is not a one-time thing. Make sure you include each of these in your diet!

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