How Much Protein In Avocado Can You Find?

protein in avocado

Avocado originally came from the Aztec word aguacate, which means testicle. Here are two other interesting facts you might not know about this fruit… how much protein is in it and the poison it contains called persin (okay for humans but not your pets). Oh, and yes, technically, it’s a single-seeded berry and not a vegetable.

How Much Protein In Avocado


There was an article in the UK’s Daily Mail a few years back titled “Need More Protein? “Have An Avocado,” and in it, they say it’s a great vegetarian source. Um, not really.

Yes, indeed, many fruits and vegetables don’t have much in them. However, many do, which are exponentially higher and with much fewer calories.

Due to its size, it would not be easy to eat this much fresh spinach in the form of a salad, but if you steamed it down, you could get a whopping 12 grams of protein from a 100 calorie serving of spinach. That’s more than ground beef on a per calorie basis. However, relying on avocado protein in any significant way would almost certainly make you fat. To get that same 12 grams, you would need to eat 961 calories worth of Hass avocados!

Humans use almost 25 types, but only eight are essential for adults out of those.

Therefore we can’t get it from any other thing, so we have to buy avocados.

When you hear people say there are nine essentials, that’s only true for infants because they can’t synthesize histidine. Whether you want to consider 8 or 9 essential amino acids, the good news is that avocados contain all of them.

The only bad news is that when you would be sitting and calculating, the actual level of protein intake would be only 1.25 grams per 100 calorie serving.

Protein Content Vs. Other Foods


Most grains and nuts are vastly superior to an avocado (whether a whole or half avocado). According to the USDA Nutrient Database, here are some of the best examples of how much protein you will get from 100 calories of other vegan food sources:

* 8.3 grams of broccoli (564% more)

* 3.9 grams in wheat bread (212% more)

* 2.1 grams in medium-grain brown rice (68% more than an avocado)

* 3.7 grams in quinoa (196% more)

* 5.4 grams in pumpkin seeds (332% more)

 If you want to talk about a particular ingredient, then avocado is not suitable for you. A study from London university states that males need 56 gm and females need 46gm of protein per day.


If you want a highly-concentrated plant-based source with an excellent amino acid profile, pumpkin seed protein is one of the best-kept secrets. And if you want excellent protein in your diet, then you must consume avocado. However, excess intake of anything can be dangerous. Therefore, you must consume avocado for good health but ensure not to over consume it. 

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