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how much protein in an egg

Eggs are considered to be one of the most healthy meals with a great source of protein, isn’t it? As we know that protein is a crucial ingredient for our body as it helps in building muscles, bones and also has a tremendous impact on your overall health. These mini versions can easily be served as a prosperous and complete breakfast or evening snack. But, Do you know the amount of protein an egg consists of? Get into the article to know some interesting facts about the same.

Ratio Of Protein In An Egg

The percentage of protein depends on the size of your egg. Check out the below-given points to know the amount of protein in different sizes of eggs.

● Small egg – 4.9 grams of protein

● Medium egg – 5.7 grams of protein

● Large egg ( 6.5 grams of protein)

● Extra-large egg – 7.3 grams of protein

● Jumbo egg – 8.2 grams of protein

Where Is The Protein In The Egg?

When it comes to protein, the egg white takes all the credit but, they are not the only source of protein in an egg. Whereas the yolks also contain a substantial amount of protein in an egg. For example – if we talk about an extra-large egg consisting of 7 grams of protein then, the yolk and the white will be split in a manner:

● Egg white – 4 grams of protein

● Egg yolk 3 grams of protein

Many of us are misguided that only egg whites contain the maximum amount of protein. Therefore you need to consume an entire egg with both the yolk and white to have a full 7 grams of protein.

Cooking Affects The Intake Of The Protein!

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The egg is a high-quality protein meal that contains all nine amino acids in an adequate ratio. When you are eating a raw egg, it seems you are consuming the least amount of protein. A research was conducted for the same, and results came out that the person intake 90% of the protein from the cooked egg and at the same time the other person had just intake 50% of the protein from the raw egg. Also, the cooked eggs help the protein to get easily digested and are



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Egg being a great source of protein, is convenient and an easy option to cook. The amount of protein depends on the size of the egg, and also, the protein intake varies depending on if the egg is cooked or raw. As it contains a lower amount of calories, one large-boiled egg contains about 77 calories. Apart from it, an egg is a mixture of all the nutrients that your body requires, like choline; it is a nutrient which people generally require to add to their diet. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article. Stay tuned for some more interesting stuff.

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