Milk Protein Types That You Should Know About - Milk Protein Types That You Should Know About -

Milk Protein Types That You Should Know About

milk protein types

There are numerous proteins in the market and most of them are derived from different types of food items. But , the two major types of proteins that are popular are casein and whey and both of these proteins are found in milk Casein and whey are the two milk protein types that you need to know about. Both these milk protein types help the body in many ways but work differently.

Both these protein types have all the amino acids that your body needs but it cannot make them on its own. Both types of proteins are byproducts of the production of cheese. When cheese is made, there are special enzymes added to the milk, this leads to the separation of the solid matter from the liquid matter. The solid matter that has coagulated is the casein protein and the liquid one is the whey protein.

Absorption By The Body

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One of the major differences between the proteins is the rate at which the human body absorbs them. The body absorbs casein slower than the whey protein. When the protein is digested in the body it gets broken into small particles called amino acids. These acids run in your bloodstream until these are absorbed by the body.

When you consume casein protein your amino acid levels stay elevated for about 5-6 hours. And when you consume whey protein it only stays like that for ninety minutes. This means that the body is absorbing whey protein at a faster rate than the casein proteins. Thus, casein protein is eaten before fasting and situations like sleeping while whey is taken before gymming so that the muscle repair happens at a rapid rate.

Building Muscle

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Whey protein is not only a better one due to the absorption rate but also because of the amino acid profile that it has. While all amino acids aid muscle repair it is leucine that starts the whole process. This protein is found in the whey protein and that is why it is great for muscles. Also, it helps the muscles grow with the help of the synthesis of proteins better than the casein protein. Your protein intake is an indicator of your muscle strength and the size of your muscle growth.

Beneficial Compounds

Casein has some peptides that aid digestion and help you improve your immune system which is great. It also helps to reduce the blood pressure and does not allow the formation of clots in the body.

Whey protein also helps to improve your immune system and helps your body fight viruses and bacteria. Also, this protein inhibits the growth of tumors and cancers to a certain extent.


Both the milk protein types are essential for the body and have various benefits that the body needs. These proteins can be found in food and you can also buy whey powder from the market. You have to consume the protein in the right quantity so that your body remains fit and healthy in the long run. Proteins play a vital role in the body by boosting your overall health and lowering the risk of heart diseases.

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