Natural Protein – The Holistic Healing Process -

Natural Protein – The Holistic Healing Process

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Proteins are found in their natural form in amino acids, but the body cannot store natural protein, and the same is excreted from the body every day. Therefore, you must take a daily intake of natural protein in the form of food.

The only caveat while eating natural protein every day is that you should not eat low carbohydrates along with the protein meal. It is a simple rule that high proteins and high carbohydrates go together. Natural proteins come to use when you are trying to build muscle, and that is tough unless you have miraculous genes.

Natural Protein – The Holistic Healing Process
Natural Protein – The Holistic Healing Process

Which To Consume – Natural Protein Or Whey

Now, let us look at the difference between natural protein and whey protein. The higher the biological factors in the protein, the better the protein. The higher quality protein means it would get digested faster in the system, so whey protein is better in that sense. It is more top quality than even milk, eggs, and chicken. You do not get more protein from whey, but it gets digested sooner, and that quality is called satiety.

The final analysis is that you can rely on only natural protein for your daily intake. That would have you stay full, you would not crave food at smaller intervals. Likewise, you would not feel like snacking on something the whole time. The problem with whey is that it comes from milk. Thus you are bound to feel cramps, weight gain, and you may start having gastric issues. This condition is called lactose intolerance; it is not a disease. It is just a side effect of not eating the right kind of protein.

Natural Proteins And Protein Powders

Though whey is for vegetarians, natural protein is overall better. In the end, you cannot compare because both have the pros and cons which we saw above. Both help build muscle. Protein powders are more easily absorbed than chicken and a healthier holier way to make health without killing any organism. It is thus a saner approach to build a lot of muscle. At least you will face the question of how much can you kill to eat. To continue looking at the vegan movement that is fast catching up with generations, you can say that protein powders are the way to go. This way, you also get your requisite health from it without feeling like you are force-feeding yourself for muscle.

Natural Protein – The Holistic Healing Process
Natural Protein – The Holistic Healing Process

Plant Protein And Health

The basic understanding that you need is that the right kind of protein is plant protein, and it fulfills your psychological demands as well as your body requirements. These have medicinal value as well as a health value. This kind of natural protein can immediately cure anorexia. It can also be a cure for depression because when you are well fed you are not depressed. Plant seeds are for holistic healing. The physical and chemicals found in natural protein ensure that. 

In A Nutshell

You must eat the right amount of proteins because all our building blocks are made up of proteins, and there would be no life without proteins. You would have healthier-looking skin and hair. Thus, when you look as good as you do when you eat a lot of natural proteins, then depression can be curbed in its tracks. Your bones would not crack. Have you seen that some people rejoice that they have never had a fracture despite twisting their arms and legs quite often? Then those are the people who have high proteins in their bodies. Thus others who break bones quite easily should realize that it is essential to have a high protein intake and even better if it is natural protein. 

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