Protein Deficiency Vegan- Top 5 Most Common Signs And Symptoms

protein deficiency vegan

Protein deficiency vegan occurs when your body doesn’t get the right amount of protein from your meals. Protein is responsible for generating energy, building muscles, etc. Protein is formed with different types of long-chain amino acids, also known as muscle building blocks. If you are protein deficient, your body starts showing some visible signs and symptoms.

However, these symptoms and signs are often ignored, especially by working professionals. Later, joints pain, lack of energy, muscle stiffness, etc are common health problems in the early 30s. Today, we’ll be listing some of the common signs and symptoms of protein deficiency vegan.

Nails, Skin, And Hair Issues

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You might have seen some people having visible and sometimes invisible white marks occurring near the armpits, cheeks, ears, throat, etc. Furthermore, your nails also become soft, and their natural color also changes. All these problems are directly related to protein deficiency, and it mostly occurs during the puberty period.

However, ignoring these issues can later lead to many significant problems like skin cancer. Above all, you might have seen teenagers having grey hair, which is the most common protein deficiency symptom. Protein deficiency also occurs when your diet doesn’t consist of all the essential amino acids and nutrients. Therefore, if you are experiencing these symptoms, add lean meat sources to your diet.

Enhanced Risk Of Joints Fractures

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Apart from muscle mass, your tissues also get affected when you are protein deficient. Your joints are at a higher risk when the protein intake is relatively low. When your protein intake is inappropriate, it may enhance the risk of fractures and weaken the joints.

According to many studies and researches, protein-deficient women are vulnerable to hip and neck fractures. Animal-based protein is far more better than plant-based protein, especially for women. Furthermore, to eliminate these fractures, increase your protein intake by at least 20-40% percent.


Edema is a classic symptom of protein deficiency and kwashiorkor. People suffering from Edema develop yellow patches, and their skin becomes puffy. Many studies have shown that human serum albumin is the primary cause of Edema. Human serum albumin is the protein present in the blood plasma. The primary responsibility of human serum albumin is to maintain the functioning of blood circulation. Human serum albumin assures that an excessive amount of liquid blood is not stored in your tissues.

However, if the human serum albumin levels are low, it may cause oncotic pressure. Due to oncotic pressure, blood cloths accumulate in tissues, and your body starts swelling. Protein deficiency also leads to the building up of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

One thing you should always remember, Edema only occurs when your protein intake is deficient. It is also found people suffering from Edema belong from metropolitan cities.

Final Words

Protein is present in your nails, skin, hairs, blood, and even in joints. Severe dehydration, fatty liver, and skin infections are the symptoms of severe protein deficiency. For better well-being, start adding protein-rich foods in your meals.

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