Protein Deficiency: Overcome It - Protein Deficiency: Overcome It -

Protein Deficiency: Overcome It

Protein deficiency occurs when you aren’t taking enough proteins in your diet. It is not very common in the developed world but a lot of developing countries suffer from this issue. The deficiency can cause various health problems and hamper day to day activities. This is a very essential nutrient that should be consumed by everyone. It is present in meat, fish, egg, lentils, dairy, etc. In this article, we will discuss what this deficiency is and how one can overcome it. Let’s dive in.

What Is Protein Deficiency?

Before diving into the deficiency, let’s quickly understand what protein is. It is a nutrient that is created by the combination of different amino acids. This nutrient is necessary for the growth of our muscles, hair, nails, skin and hormonal balance. The nutrient is of three types.

Protein Deficiency: What Is It And How To Overcome It
Protein Deficiency: What Is It And How To Overcome It
  • Complete: It is derived from animals. Dairy, meat, and fish are the main sources of complete protein. It contains all the amino acids required for our body’s growth.
  • Incomplete: These are plant-based. It comes from vegetables, lentils, grains, etc. These are called incomplete because these don’t contain all the amino acids.
  • Complementary: As the name suggests, it is complementary in nature. And it needs to be combined with other categories to fulfill the nutrient requirements. Examples include whole-grain bread, rice, beans, etc.

Now that we know what it is, let’s understand protein deficiency. This condition is also known as hypoproteinemia. It occurs when our body doesn’t get a sufficient amount of protein. This deficiency can also be caused due to a number of health conditions like hepatitis, kidney disorders, IBS, malnutrition, liver disorders, etc. This also occurs if a person isn’t taking a balanced diet.

What Happens Due To Protein Deficiency?

So how would you know if your body is lacking in this particular nutrient? Some of the common symptoms include brittle nails, falling hair, fatigue, appetite changes, weight loss, etc. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should reevaluate your diet and try to eat more balanced meals.

Over time, this deficiency can lead to serious health problems. Kwashiorkor and marasmus are two diseases that are caused due to malnutrition and this deficiency. These conditions are mostly present in children. Low-income children in the developing and underdeveloped countries suffer from these conditions.

Other conditions that can occur due to this deficiency are stunted growth in children, fatty liver, weak muscles, anemia, weak immune system, low blood pressure, etc. Therefore, including this nutrient in our diet is very important.

Protein Deficiency: What Is It And How To Overcome It
Protein Deficiency: What Is It And How To Overcome It

How To Overcome This?

To make sure that your body is not deficient in this important nutrient, you can take the following measures.

  • It should be your first meal of the day.
  • Eat eggs instead of other breakfast items.
  • Add almonds to your diet.
  • Make sure you eat a lot of Greek Yogurt.
  • Your food should include protein-rich items like meat, eggs, fish, cheese, etc.
  • Take supplements like protein shakes to increase your intake of this nutrient.

Take Away

This is a very important nutrient. Our body needs it for the growth of our muscles, bones, hair and for hormonal balance. If we don’t take enough of it in our food, we can suffer from hypoproteinemia. This can cause various health risks. Hence, we should always take a balanced diet. A protein shake is a good supplement that we can take in addition to other sources. It is easy to digest and good for creating the right nutrient balance in our body.

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