Summary of 5 Common Protein Deficiency Signs - Summary of 5 Common Protein Deficiency Signs -

Summary of 5 Common Protein Deficiency Signs

Protein Deficiency Signs

When body requirements are not fulfilled, protein deficiency takes place. Our body shows some protein deficiency signs that must be administered well on time. This deficiency may bring a lot of complications and health hazards. 

This problem is getting severe in most of the places worldwide. Children also are not getting enough protein that they must consume through their diet. 


The most severe form of this deficiency is Kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor means the undernourishment of protein in the body. It is majorly observed in kids in areas where the unbalanced diet is followed most. Muscle wasting is another most common problem that can be encountered over a long period of time in many adults. 

Protein deficiency can thus affect every organ and body functions. These protein deficiency signs and symptoms of protein deficiency may occur at any stage. Sometimes, when the deficiency is on the borderline, you will notice a few peculiar signs.

Here is a summary of 5 common protein deficiency signs and symptoms.

Puffy and Dull Skin is Protein Deficiency Signs

Puffy skin is a typical symptom of Kwashiorkor. Have you ever heard about human serum albumin? It is in blood plasma and is the most bountiful protein that is in blood. These reduced levels of human serum albumin lead to oncotic pressure due to which accumulation of fluid takes place in tissues. 

Puffy and Dull Skin are Protein Deficiency Signs
Puffy and Dull Skin are Protein Deficiency Signs

A bloated belly in Kwashiorkor is another example of fluid accumulation in tissues. 

Fat Accumulation in Liver

Another common sign is a fatty liver or, in other words, fats accumulation on the liver. This is a severe sign that may lead to liver failure and other complications. Majorly, obese people have fatty liver. 

According to some studies, the reason that contributes to this problem is an impaired synthesis of lipoproteins (fat- transporting protein).

Skin, nails, and hair Problems

Sometimes in children, you might have observed splitting skin, redness, or patches on some part of the skin. Generally, in children, protein deficiency has common symptoms like faded hair color, intense hair loss, and broken nails.

These problems indicate that you have severe protein deficiency in your body. 

Muscle Wasting is one of the Prominent Protein Deficiency Signs

The muscles of our body have the largest depositories of protein. However, when there is a shortage of protein supply to our body, it tries to fetch the required amount from the skeletal muscle, which leads to muscle wasting. 

Muscle Wasting is one of the Protein Deficiency Signs
Muscle Wasting is one of the Protein Deficiency Signs

Many adult men and women are found with intense muscle loss. This is only because of the lower amount of protein consumed in the body. 

Stunted Growth

Many studies have revealed that there is a strong connection between stunted growth and protein deficiency signs. Protein plays a vital role in the body’s growth and development. You will see this problem in children in most places where people follow the unbalanced diet routine.

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