Top 5 Protein Deficiency Causes

protein deficiency cause

Each part of the human body is necessary to have protein in them. From bones to the skin to muscle, most of the tissues and important organs consist of them. To sustain and function, the human body requires protein through food every day as it cannot contain protein for a longer period.

Hypoproteinemia or protein deficiency is not that common in developed countries. But, if the diet is lacking in protein or the patient has a certain type of illness then, it is possible to have hypoproteinemia. Therefore, we are here to explain the top five causes of protein deficiency in the human body.

Kidney Issues and Liver Disorder

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Kidneys are the filter of the human physique because when it functions properly, the waste goes through the urine and the vital element of protein stays in the bloodstream. However, if someone has kidney problems then sometimes protein also can bypass through the urine with the waste.

This can happen to anyone with particular kidney diseases, hypertension, or high blood pressure and diabetes. As a consequence, the person can have both proteinuria or protein in the urine and hypoproteinemia.

In our body, the liver plays a major role to process the protein. If the liver does not work to its full capacity then many organs stop to function properly due to the lack of protein. It can happen to people with Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, or liver diseases.

Undereating and Malnutrition

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Protein deficiency can be related to one person’s diet or lack of it as if someone does not consume enough calories or does not eat a certain food group. This can occur in situations like these:

When someone follows a pretty restrictive diet and avoids every kind of animal and plant sources of protein then that can lead to the risk of having hypoproteinemia.

If a certain individual has eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa then, that can sometimes result in protein deficiency.

Women need more protein than regular ones when they are pregnant. But, due to extreme vomiting and nausea, they often cannot eat properly which might lead to hypoproteinemia.

Mostly, when a person cannot have enough calories due to poverty then, a lack of protein in the blood can surely happen.

Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

An autoimmune disease called Celiac disease mistakenly attacks the cells of the small intestine. When you consume gluten which is a kind of protein that can be found in barley, wheat, and rye then, the reaction of this autoimmune disease happens.

The small intestine often gets reduced nutrients along with protein due to this type of illness.

In the small intestine, the body breaks the complicated nutrients and takes them to function properly. However, IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease can destroy the small intestine which can lead to hypoproteinemia.


There are various medical treatments out there that can help with protein deficiency or hypoproteinemia. However, you must need to consult your doctor and have a proper, healthy diet.

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