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What Are The Most Popular Whey Protein Types On The Market Today

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There are many different whey protein types available on the market today. The most popular one by far is milk based. Milk-based protein powder comes in many flavors and is a popular supplement for those who want to get more protein in their diet without increasing their carbohydrate intake. Milk-based protein is usually the only option for those who are looking for protein that contains less than one gram per serving. Let’s take a look at some of the different whey protein types you can purchase and see what they have to offer.

Popular Whey Protein Types

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Whey Protein Concentrate

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Whey Protein Concentrate The first whey protein type, we’ll look at is whey protein concentrate. It’s high in protein, yet contains some sugar and fat in the form of lactic acid in addition to the protein. In fact, whey contains more protein per serving than many other protein sources, including eggs and soy products. Surprisingly, this fat also contains many highly beneficial nutrients that support cardiovascular and immune function. However, since it contains a lot of fat, it’s best to avoid this if you’re trying to lose weight or if you already have excess body fat.

Whey Protein Isolates

This is the second whey protein type on our list. It’s derived from the same type of whey that’s used in the making of cheese. This type of whey has the same health benefits as milk based protein but is much less expensive. Protein isolates are a good choice for those who are trying to increase the amount of protein they eat but don’t want to increase their carbohydrate intake. They contain all the essential amino acids and the minerals your body needs in just the right quantities to support muscle growth and repair.

Other Whey Protein Types

The third type of whey protein is called soy protein isolate. This type of protein isolate is made from a mixture of soy beans and milk powder. This type of protein isolate is the most common whey protein type you’ll find on the market today because of its affordability and great taste.

Protein Isolates

Another popular whey protein type, this one is not derived from soy, but rather from another type of source such as rice, hemp, or rice bran. This type of protein isolate is often made with soy beans, but it’s also used as an ingredient in supplements to make it easier to add to foods.

Whey Protein Isolate is the fourth type on our list of the top whey protein types. The reason it’s on this list is that it contains all of the essential amino acids as the other three but is not as expensive. As you may guess, the higher the price tag is on the supplement, the more expensive it will be.

Protein Isolate If you’re looking for a great option, it’s likely to be whey protein isolate. This is probably the most popular protein source that is available on the market today, because it’s highly digestible and is great for people who are on a tight budget. If you want the most protein, you’re probably going to need to buy the most expensive protein product, and whey protein isolate is the way to go.


Whey Protein Types Are the Best Protein Source There are many different whey protein sources on the market today, and it’s up to you to choose the one that works best for your specific needs. However, whey protein isolate remains the best choice for those on a budget and provides the greatest amount of protein in each serving.

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